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Xiong Wenyun – Ten Years of Moving Rainbow

June 19, 2008

To celebrate its year anniversary, the Three Shadows Photography Center will present an exhibition of Xiong Wenyun’s much lauded Moving Rainbows series. From the press release:

A prolific female artist, Xiong Wenyun’s multidisciplinary works link individual emotion with the social environment through a unique, subtle language. Her works are not confined to the exhibition hall, but attract a wider audience through their simple, direct force.
Xiong Wenyun graduated from the ink-painting department of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. In the nineties, she studied and taught in Japan, during which time she did in-depth research on the composition of color and created abstract paintings that embodied the energy of color sequences. After returning to China, she brought these experiments outside. Beginning in 1998, she spent three years working on the multimedia project “Moving Rainbow” on the Sichuan-Tibetan highway. The project incorporates installations along the highways with local architecture and motorcades of trucks. Captured through photography and video, this multidisciplinary, experimental project combines contemporary art, society, history, culture, local ecology, environmentalism, and activism by both artist and audience.

Xiong Wenyun, On Mount Erlang #4, 1998

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