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Ginckels & Vogel

Published on December 8, 2008

Quite an elegant project: Pieterjan Ginckels and Cristian Vogel collaborated to produce this edition of 500 7-inch records. Each record is embedded with a single infinitely looping beat, yet when played on different turntables with different amplifiers, the tone of the beat varies. Ginckels describes it like this:

The record can be played on a normal turntable. They are used in the installation “1000 Beats” on various players, through several mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers, all borrowed from friends and people connected to the art institute. All gear has its own characteristics (speed differences, equalisation, volume) making the whole installation sound unique anytime, and anywhere in the space, with the tiny loop as its basic material.

The album and sleeve were designed by Grandpeople. Ginckels is currently in Beijing developing a project with Theatre in Motion.

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