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Lebbeus Woods and the Architecture of the Impossible

Published on September 8, 2008

Great article in the New York Times by Nicolai Ouroussoff about the architect Lebbeus Woods.

Some critics condemned the design for its coldblooded imagery. But it also turned cold-war Modernism on its head. In the 1950s American architects were striving to retool wartime military production for the construction of a peacetime paradise. One result was the mind-numbing conformity of suburban subdivisions. Mr. Woods, by comparison, has never been so utopian. In his drawings society seems to be coming apart at the seams. His glistening pods, armored against the surrounding mayhem, are intended as sanctuaries for society’s most vulnerable: outcasts, rebels, heretics and dreamers.

Berlin Free-Zone 3-2. A proposal from the early 90’s for an abandoned building in Berlin.

Terrain 1-2. A series of designs that reflected the effects of earthquake-induced seismic shifts.

A design for an unrealized pavilion in China. “..a dense Piranesian space in which people can climb out to peer out at the urban sprawl of the new China.”

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