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Floating on the Spreewald

Published on July 6, 2008

Spreewald is about an hour south of Berlin by train. Mostly inhabited by a Slavic-German minority, the locals speak Sorbish, which supposedly sounds like a mix between Polish and Czech. The area is also known for its canals, which wind through the local towns like country roads. Water travel is sometimes the only way to reach some of the more remote areas of the Spreewald, and summer canoe tourism seems to be booming. We headed out on a Sunday morning, Mario and his daughter, Orianna, in one canoe and Joe and me in the other. According to the guy who worked at the boat rental station, the “short” trip usually takes about 3 hours. “Family pace,” he assured us. It took us 6 hours.

The lush swampland makes for beautiful and relaxing scenery.

Checking the map after one of our many missed turns.

Houses here have red, slanted roofs and seem to be buttressed with walls of cut logs.

The kid at the rental station in all of his Euro 2008 finery.

Almost back.

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