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The Girl Effect

Published on July 2, 2008

It’s good to see that a big corporation is promoting “girl power.”

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  1. yh says:

    this is strange. if i’m following the placement/size/timing of text, then i’m not sure how i feel about the solution being that the husband, child, hunger and hiv simply drop away and then she is free. what does the proposed solution then say to the girls who are in this predicament.

  2. Administrator says:

    The rhetoric of this piece does seem a bit puzzling, especially without the context of the website from which it’s taken – The site presents statistics regarding girls age 15-18 in developing countries (e.g., 25% – 50% of girls in developing regions are mothers, pregnancy is the leading cause of death among girls age 15-19 worldwide, 75% of youth in Africa with AIDS are female) and suggests that providing education for these girls is the key to preventing child marriage/pregnancy, to increasing their earning potential and to abating the spread of AIDS. So the message that was intended in the video is not, I think, one of wholesale liberation from the structure of husband/child, but an alteration of the social conditions that lead to young girls in developing countries being viewed as chattel. Push the cycle back a few years, give these girls a chance to go to school, learn to read, get jobs, be viewed by their communities with respect, etc. and then consider family life – I think that’s more the story.

    The break down seems overly simplistic and the video at times cringe-worthy in its treacly optimism, but the program should be applauded I think for focusing attention on the conditions specific to young girls and what, perhaps, can be done to help them.

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