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“I found it at the end of the rainbow”

Published on June 9, 2008

Our friend Miggie Cheng is having her first solo show at Kapok in Hong Kong.

“I found it at the end of the rainbow”

Original works are inspired from her 5 years of travels which include fashion pieces, installations, thoughts and poems as well as collaborating with close friends and family.

“There are thousands of reasons to leave home. To follow one’s dream, to celebrate a beginning or an end; to spend precious time with friends and family, or equally valued time with oneself.

This exhibition is a dedication to all those who have ever wondered or dared to seek personal fufillment at the end of the rainbow.”
Miggy Cheng

Opening reception Sunday June 15th at 3pm at Kapok G/F, 9 Dragon Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong.

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