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2008 Armory Show

Published on March 31, 2008


Joe did a write-up of the 2008 Armory Show for Theme Magazine. It went something like this.

The Armory Show, New York
March 27-30, 2008

Hedi Slimane’s hyper-glossy acrylic-coated photographs of disco balls unintentionally reflecting the back-lit logo of a Pepsi machine offer an apt synopsis of the 2008 Armory Show—a slick, well-executed amalgamation of art and commerce. The work on display is not all surface, though. A few notable installations include Jenny Holzer’s pristinely machined LED displays at Cheim & Read, Ori Gersht’s photographs of exploding “still-life” vases at Angles Gallery, Joseph Kosuth’s etymology of the word “light” rendered in white neon at Sean Kelly Gallery and Natascha Sadr Haghighian’s defiant hammer-and-nails installation at Johann Konig Gallery. For the last piece, Haghighian, a Berlin-based artist known for her confrontations with the tropes of art institutionally identification and approval, responded to an invitation from her gallery to produce a piece for the Armory Show by hammering hundreds of nails into a wall to form the words “I Can’t Work Like This.” Yes, there’s a touch of irony in that statement.

We’re glad to see that a few of Beijing’s most prominent galleries have made the trip to New York for the fair as well. Galleria Continua is showing a lustrous purple orb by Anish Kapoor that was on display in Beijing this winter, while Galerie Urs Meile has several pieces from Beijing art-star Ai Weiwei at its booth. Another Beijing-based art fair staple, Cao Fei, is represented by New York’s Lombard-Freid Projects, which is showing “RMB City,” a 6-minute single channel video shot in Second Life in which Cao appears to mock the rapid, oft ill-advised development taking place in China’s urban centers.

One more project that caught our attention is Maix Mayer’s documentation of an abandoned resort development in Sanzhi, Taiwan. The space-age architecture captured in advanced disrepair has sci-fi written all over it, but is actually a product of Taiwan’s economic meltdown in 1990 coupled with it’s sub-tropic climate. Check Flickr for some gorgeous photo sets from others who have passed through Sanzhi.

Hedi Slimane, disco, armory
Hedi Slimane

Armory Show
Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Jenny Holzer, NYC Armory
Jenny Holzer

Armory Show
Joseph Kosuth

Ai Wei Wei, Armory Show
Ai Wei Wei

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