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Building China: Five Projects, Five Stories

Published on February 26, 2008

Casey Mack and co. worked on the exhibition design for this show at the Center for Architecture. We had also met one of the curators, Wei Wei Shannon, in Beijing last year and thought we’d check out the exhibit. Here’s a short description from the CoA website:

Building China: Five Projects, Five Stories features five unique architectural case studies that were conceived, designed, and recently completed by Chinese architects. Located throughout China, many of these buildings, being exhibited in the U.S. for the first time, offer the public insight into China’s ever changing landscape. Through the stories of these five projects, themes emerge: Production of Contemporary Culture, Reinventing Urban Fabric, Making the Private Public, Reinterpreting Traditional Design Philosophy, and Hybrid Development Models. These case studies of contemporary architecture introduce critical voices from the People’s Republic of China, challenging the West’s stereotypical interpretation of China as a homogeneous society.

Two seemingly different reactions to the same thing from Joe and Lisa.

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