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Published on September 27, 2007

Pleasantly surprised by what I heard at MAO Live House last night. After catching the end of New Pants power-pop set, I ran into James Chang, who happened to be VJing the next act. He seemed pretty confident that it would be worth hanging around for – turned out he was right! IGO is a new collaboration between B6, a well-know electro dj from Shanghai, and vocalist JJay, who sings in English and has clearly studied at the alter of Dave Gahan. Throughout the show I was reminded of Red Flag – another Depeche Mode disciple that played big, catchy hooks and danceable melodies, but never quite stepped out of the shadow of its influencers. These aren’t sounds you haven’t heard before, but they are fun, well produced and refreshingly not in line with Beijing’s largely punk-based music output. They’ve got a few tracks on their MySpace page. Give em a listen.

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