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Moon Festival

Published on September 25, 2007

I’ve really come to like the 3 Shadows Photo Center. I’ve been a fan of its mission, its exhibitions and its founder since my first visit, but after spending some time there, I’ve really grown to appreciate the space itself. Designed by Ai Weiwei, the construction is simple: large brick boxes that form a triangular central courtyard. It’s the details that stand out though. The random pattern of extruded brick on the facade, for example, lends the exterior an organic appeal, like cliff walls full of hand-holds for the brave free climber.

I’m also fond of the way Rong Rong and Zhao Liang have worked to develop the space into a “center” – a place not just for viewing art on a wall, but for gathering, relaxing, reading (the photo library contains, possibly, the largest collection of international photography books in Beijing) and working (a photo lab is in process).

Last night the center played host to a special Moon Festival opera performance, a yuebing tasting and the launching of fire lanterns. It was an ideal late-summer night to spend outside – the smog parted and the full moon promised an auspicious fall season.

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