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Published on September 18, 2007

A little late with this posting. The first Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair took place earlier this month, so we dropped in for a few days to see what was on hand, and to welcome Nick Simunovic to his new home (which sounds pretty nice – a low-lying house nestled in the treetops of the French Concession!).

The fair had already been open for a few days by the time we got to town, so most of the serious buyers had come and gone. Saturday morning proved to be more of a family day – babies in strollers, kids posing for photos with (and occasionally on) their favored works, grandparents casually absorbing the scene. The Shanghai Convention Center was packed with galleries from near and far, with offerings from local heavyweights like Gu Dexin and Zheng Guogu, and international crowd pleasers like Rikrit Tiravanija and Erwin Wurm. Wurm’s large canvases fitted with out-sized sweaters and polo shirts was one of the highlights of the exhibition for me. His work balances aesthetic appeal, humor and intellectual substance in a way that seems almost casual. And that makes me like him.

Another highlight of the show was discovering a few of Andrew Kuo’s latest pieces on display. Delicate, exacting work. Nice.

Photo ops.

Not by Erwin Wurm, but seemingly inspired.

Rikrit Tiravanija’s interactive rice silo.

A Gursky-esque scene at the fair.

Lonely Panton chair on Urumqi Lu.

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