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Kazuko Miyamoto (+ Sol LeWitt)

Published on May 26, 2009

A retrospective of the little-known Japanese artist just ended at the Exile Gallery in Berlin. From the press release:

Kazuko Miyamoto (born 1942) left Japan for New York in 1964. In 1969, she met the artist Sol LeWitt, with whom she engaged in a life-long creative and conceptual dialogue. The exhibition String and Thread begins with a particular period in the 1970’s when Miyamoto created a series of ephemeral constructions using only nails and string. Based on existing conceptual drawings and vintage photographs Miyamoto will re-create and re-interpret two of these String pieces specifically for this exhibition.

Central to her work has always been the notion of the line as a link between two points. In Miyamoto’s artistic career this line has evolved from being part of a geometric grid towards a more organically shaped object. In recent years Miyamoto explored elements of dance and performance based on ideas of improvisational music. String And Thread will show Miyamoto’s creative process through the decades and, with the inclusion of Wall Drawing 815, pay tribute and homage to Sol LeWitt.

Exile Edition 05/1: Woman in Snow, Photograph of Performance in upstate NY, 1978. Printed 2009, Edition of 25

Untitled, String Construction, Installation at 597 Broadway, New York, 1978

String Construction around a Cylinder of my Height, Painted Wood, String and Nails, 1975 (Installation at A.I.R.Gallery, NY. In photo: Kazuko Miyamoto)

Archway to Cellar, String Construction, Installation at A.I.R. Gallery, 1978 (in photo: Kazuko Miyamoto)

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