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Dunlap House

Published on May 20, 2009

Read the inelegantly named George Nelson: The Design of Modern Design this past weekend and came upon this image of a sun shade that Nelson designed for home of William E. Dunlap. Dunlap was the owner of Aluminum Extrusions, a Michigan-based company that produced Nelson’s original modular wall storage unit — the Omni System. When he commissioned Nelson’s office to design the interior of his home, Nelson found these sheets of punched stainless steel scrap that were the remains from a set of knives he’d designed and set them in redwood. I think it shows a brilliant reuse of materials and a clever way of imprinting Nelson’s mark on the project.

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  1. […] We stumbled on this George Nelson-designed wall unit at an antique mall in Seattle. Futuristically dubbed the Omni System, the wall units were a precursor to the better known, Herman Miller produced, CSS System. The system was designed to hold and showcase acquisitions in a new consumer-centric culture, with an emphasis on modular storage. Inspired by more industrial shelving units like those in drug stores, the Omni System was produced by Aluminum Extrusions. […]

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