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Published on May 4, 2009

We made a small pilgrimage up to Seattle last week to catch My Bloody Valentine on what appears to be a sort of caesura tour for the recently reunited quartet. In an interview with KEXP just prior to the show, Kevin Shields announced that “when we finish the gigs in August, that’s when I wanna draw a line under everything, and say, ‘Okay, that’s it, the past is finished, finally.’” For the future he’s promised the release of the 15-or-so-years-belated follow up to Loveless — again. That and a new expanded lineup for the band.

Shields also talks about his (and his bandmate’s) tinitus, which is really no surprise, given that the signature closer for an MBV live set is 15 minutes of densely layered, mind-bendingly loud noise tucked into the 3-minute power-poppy “You Made Me Realize.” The sheer force of the sound produced by their vast array of amps during the finale reminded me of walking into the wind tunnel on Walker St. near 6th Ave on a bad day. Which means bracing yourself against a building to avoid falling down.

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