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Published on June 5, 2007

Xi’an is known as a good place to spend a weekend – and that’s about it. Most people I ‘ve taked to suggest one day to visit the Terracotta Warriors and one to sample some of the local cuisine. This, I think, is a pretty uncharitable assessment – after all, Xi’an was once the capital of China and is a city of a nearly 6 million people. It’s also a fine example of a Chinese city that’s not Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.

On the other hand, it’s close enough to Beijing to make it a convenient weekend trip, which is what we made of it.

Perhaps more fascinating than the Warriors themselves is the spectacle of tourism and the armature that supports it. Like the pose-with-a-warrior photobooth.

Street food in Xi’an is highly recommended, as is the local orange soda.

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