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Andrew Kuo. I’m Dying Over Here.

Published on April 18, 2009

Andrew’s new show at Taxter & Spengemann. From the artist’s email “press release”:

I worked really hard on it!

Answers to frequently asked questions about art shows:
1. Yes, there is a painting of Rodney Dangerfield’s last breath.
2. No, I did not hire an assistant to instant messenger for me as I worked.
3. Yes, the new Death Cab for Cutie EP is good.
4. No, salads are generally not delicious.
5. Yes, illegally downloading minimal techno is still illegally downloading.
6. No, I did not create (But I wish I did.)
7. Yes, the minimum of 71 total viewing hours of “No Reservations” required to make an art show was reached.

Andrew Kuo I’m Dyin’ Over Here!
April 4th – May 9th

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