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Rob Wynne in Philadelphia

September 30, 2008

Rob has another show opening this weekend at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia.

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September 27, 2008

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Torstrasse 166

September 26, 2008

Facade sculpture by Chiharu Shiota

Also known as the “House of Imagination,” curators invited 12 artists to choose an apartment in the building to create a site-specific installation. It also happens to be next door and I think I just heard a marching band playing outside.

Some photos inside the building:

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Patrick Tsai

Pat Pat launched a new site a minute ago that features some of his work from the past year in Japan and China. Keen observations, as usual.

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Three Well-Dressed Gentlemen

The Three Well-Clad Gentlemen [Les trios gentlemen bien en veste], February 1965© Malick Sidibé / association GwinZegal

The Chequered Woman [La femme a Carreaux] August 1971 © Malick Sidibé / association GwinZegal

Sidibe’s notebook

From the latest Malick Sidibe exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam.

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Sanggil Kim

Sanggil Kim takes photos of internet communities.

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Art Berlin Contemporary

abc will feature the works of 73 selected artists from over 40 Berlin galleries. The focus of this year’s edition of abc will be sculpture, installation and the projected image.

Yin Xiuzhen. Commune, 2008. Sewing machines, tables, chairs, lamps, steel construction, sewing equipment. 500 cm x 1000 cm.

Fiete Stolte. Turn, 2008. Monitor, CCTV-Camera, motor control unit.
This one was great and subtle. People kept tripping over the neon lights on the ground and they were replaced one by one. A camera is mounted above and the TV monitor shows everyone from a bird’s eye view.

Olaf Nicolai installation.

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Architecture | Words and Things

September 25, 2008

One of the most insightful architecturally-directed blogs I’ve come across in a while is Steve Parnell’s Sesquipedalist. Rather that serve up shiny new renderings of the newest buildings on the block, Parnell combs back issues of architecture porn to demonstrate “the architectural journal’s effect on the profession’s social construction of architecture.” The results (part of his PhD research) are often quite compelling. A good example is this post on Alison and Peter Smithson’s Robin Hood Gardens project and its reception (or lack there of) in the annuls of architectural journalism. Included are some nice scans of Peter Eisenman’s review of the project from the September 1972 issue of Architectural Design.

Also, a nice Flickr set of Robin Hood Gardens images.

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Urban Play

September 23, 2008

The Urban Play exhibition curated by Scott Burnham opened in Amsterdam this past weekend. Judging by the images on Burnham’s blog, it looks like quite a fascinating collection of artists/designers working within the realm of urban intervention/street art/use of public space. Images below are of work by Polish artist Krystian Czaplicki, whose minimalist geometric installations are featured in the show.

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September 22, 2008

Short piece I wrote on New York artist Andrew Kuo is out in the latest issue of Theme.

Andrew Kuo, Little Wayne, 2008

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