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LV Xiao & It’s Friends

December 20, 2006

A group exhibition titled “LV Xiao & It’s Friends” opened earlier this month at Beijing Art Now Gallery. The show was curated by the LV Xiao collective and features an assortment of work from Art Brut to Art Cute. Show closes this weekend.

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It’s cold in Beijing. Not so cold that it humbles New York winters, but cold enough that ice fishing is an option in the park.

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Mando-pop star

Seriously. Chen Li’s got some pipes. And some really endearing bandmates.

Lincoln seems to like it.

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De Shi

So in Germany there’s a holiday tradition of brewing a pot of spiced red wine, suspending a cone of sugar over the wine, soaking the wine with high-proof rum and then torching the rummy sno-cone so that the sugar carmelizes and drips into the wine. Can’t find these sugar cones in Beijing, but Andre was determined to improvise. Results: success.

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December 18, 2006

Our performance was nothing to brag about but, then, we did have 1/3 the number of participants as some of the other teams. Andre, Eric, Shu and I have claimed our turf at Tim’s Texas BBQ’s weekly quiz night, and we’ll be back. With backup.

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Wang Lei

December 10, 2006

It’s a crime that more people didn’t show up for Wang Lei’s performance at Yu Gong Yi Shan this weekend. The man has got style. And it shows in his music.

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Eyes On New Visual Art Opening

C5 Gallery in the Sanlitun area is showing a group exhibition curated by the Joyn:Viscom design group. They’re featuring primarily Asian illustrators and designers with a few folks from the US and UK also represented. I was totally impressed with how well organized and produced the show was. The opening served triple duty, also celebrating the launch of Plugzine Issue 2 and some website for some vodka company (the red drinks weren’t bad).

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By Hand Release Party

Our book, By Hand: the use of craft in contemporary art, came out in early November. Priska Juschka’s gallery was kind enough to host a little reception for it while we were in NY. Was nice to meet some of the artists we didn’t know and to catch up with those we did. Thanks for coming out. Wish we’d taken more photos.

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Duck Confit Omelette

December 2, 2006

After seriously scoping out the menu, only the duck would do. Someone needs to bring this to Beijing.

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