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May 20, 2006

Jon Santos is in town to dj the opening of iD magazine’s 25th Anniversary exhibit at the Long March Space in Dashanzi. We met up prior to the event to discuss New York, Beijing, friends, self-enrichment, soccer and pollution. Along the way we caught a bit of the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square. It’s great to see friends from home here in BJ…

Outside the Forbidden City.

iD opening in 798 art district

Johannes, Charlie, Jon and Shu

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“Great Wall…yeah, great for business.” They’d seen this sort of thing all too frequently – yet another victim of the Great Wall. In a way, the doctors’ joke was comforting, indicating that this sort of thing happens all the time, and that they’d know how to handle it.

What began as a weekend outing to the unreconstructed Simatai section of China’s foremost national monument took a turn for the unfortunate when, mid-hike, Shu hit a patch of loose rock and sand and pitched forward over a 3 foot drop, landing on her left hand. Luckily, a group of Japanese tourists had also made the trek out to this remote section of the wall, and had the foresight to bring along a medical kit. And a certified nurse. She sat Shu down, bandaged her arm and tossed it in a sling, making the hour and a half trek back to our car more bearable for Shu.

A few photos, before and after:

Shu and Andre.

Some sections of the Wall feature 70 degree climbs. I don’t know how steep this part is, but it made me feel out of shape.

Mystical Tele-tubies.

The view.


After a 2.5 hour drive back to Beijing, we found a local clinic where x-rays revealed that Shu had indeed fractured several bones in her hand. From there we headed to the Beijing United Family Hospital, where we found out that surgery was going to be required. Shu went under the knife earlier this week, and will be wearing a cast for the next 6 or so weeks. Her left hand should be ok, but any future outings to the Wall may be restricted to areas with handrails.

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Dashanzi IAF

May 19, 2006

Posting this a bit late, since the festival is ending this weekend. The Dashanzi International Art Festival is considered the biggest art event of the year in Beijing. Organizers estimate that more than 150,000 people visit the former factory district during the 3 week art festival each year. Events got off to a bit of a rocky start this year after censors confiscated about 20 works on display (primarily, works that in some way depict or allude to Chairman Mao). But the festival has continued on. Here are a few images from earlier this month:

Loris Cecchini – Cloudless (at Galleria Continua)

assemblage by Wang Qiang e Feng Zhengquan (at Marella Art)

Feng Shu – Post Insect Generation (at Marella Warehouse)

Tote bag installation, south side of 798 complex

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May Holiday

May 10, 2006

The first week of May is a national holiday in China, so we headed to Tokyo. Retail tourism may sound odd, but the stores in Japan are so much more than just containers to move products. The country has really embraced the idea of creating a shopping experience – a prime example being Herzog and de Meuron’s Prada epicenter in Aoyama. (HdM are currently working on the National Stadium project for the 2008 Beijing Olympics).

And big thanks to Melinda and JP for their guidance through many meals.

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