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August 23, 2009

Isabel updated her portfolio.

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Jan Kempenaers

June 1, 2009

Kempenaers’ photo series Spomenik, The End of History has popped up on several sites in the past few days, but I’m gonna post them again. Because they’re captivating. The monuments depicted are Yugoslavian socialist-futurist memorials, most employing cast-concrete and a good number of them in a state of advanced disrepair.

Spomenik 2, 2006

Spomenik 5, 2007

Spomenik 6, 2007

Spomenik 9, 2007

Spomenik 10, 2007

Spomenik 12, 2007

Spomenik 13 2007

Spomenik 14, 2007

Spomenik 15, 2007

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Ofer Wolberger

April 19, 2009

I worked with Ofer back in 2004 when we did a shoot at the AMG Factory in Affalterbach, Germany. The highlight was taking thousands of photos of the factory workers and stitching them together to create stop-motion films. Looks like his work continues to evolve with this new series called Life with Maggie.

[via Feature Shoot]

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Todd Hido. Foreclosed Homes Photos

Photographer Todd Hido’s series of photos of foreclosed homes.

Image: 1922a, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series

Image: 1968, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series

Image: 2260, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series

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Ai Wei Wei Back in the Day

December 26, 2008

Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 1983

Flea Market at Union Square. 1987

Chen Kaige. 1985

Before he was a superstar artist and architect, Ai Wei Wei spent ten years in New York City, photographing his friends and capturing everything he saw.

Ai Weiwei on his NYC photos:

These photos were taken between 1983 and 1994 during the decade I spent living in New York before returning to Beijing. At that time, I didn’t really have anything to do. I was just hanging out, whiling away my time everyday by taking pictures of the people I met, places I went, my friends, my neighborhood, the street and the city.

In a flash twenty years have past, and the New York I knew no longer exists. The appearance of the East Village has totally changed, and many of the people in my photographs are no longer in this world. I took these photos casually, and most of my subjects probably don’t even realize that they are in them. Today, looking back on the past, I can see that these photographs are not true anymore. After all, any reality is just a fact of change – an unconfirmed moment in the slow march of time. The present always surpasses the past, and the future will not care about today.

What drives me to organize and publish these photographs is not nostalgia, for I believe that past occurrences do not matter much. We are not destined to meet those whom we’ve met, and humans are by nature lonely. Rather, the photos themselves are concrete objects that form a kind of orderly arrangement despite their free-floating nature as disassociated images on photo paper. The specific people and things involved, including my own past, are not important anymore.

Life in the past fifty years has been much like a falling leaf with no goal or direction. In the end, however, the leaf will land in some corner. The images’ appearance and order are much like this. They are disorganized, but paths of thought appear that seem most clear when the photos are all mixed up.

Today, I still always have a camera in my hand, accustomed as I am to the click of the shutter. What I should explain though, is that I am not interested in photography, and don’t really care about the subjects of my photos. In the end, they are part of a different reality than that of my own existence. Every time I look at these photographs, I always discover that there is more strangeness in them than familiarity.

A selection of Ai Wei Wei’s photos are being exhibited at Three Shadows in Beijing through April 2009.

All images courtesy of Three Shadow Photography, Beijing

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Photo | South Bronx

December 2, 2008

A few years after Howard Cosell announced that the Bronx was burning, Ray Mortenson took his camera to the burned out neighborhoods of East Tremont, Mott Haven and Morrisania to document the silence one could experience in these semi-abandoned districts. A selection of his images are on display at the Museum of the City of New York. (via the NY Times)

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Patrick Tsai

September 26, 2008

Pat Pat launched a new site a minute ago that features some of his work from the past year in Japan and China. Keen observations, as usual.

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Three Well-Dressed Gentlemen

The Three Well-Clad Gentlemen [Les trios gentlemen bien en veste], February 1965© Malick Sidibé / association GwinZegal

The Chequered Woman [La femme a Carreaux] August 1971 © Malick Sidibé / association GwinZegal

Sidibe’s notebook

From the latest Malick Sidibe exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam.

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Sanggil Kim

Sanggil Kim takes photos of internet communities.

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Rong Rong and Inri

September 5, 2008

Rong Rong started the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing, housed in a massive Ai Wei Wei designed complex. He often works with his wife, Inri, on photographic projects and the two of them have a new show up at Three Shadows. Titled “From Six Mile Village to Three Shadows,” the works will delicately detail the path the two have shared together as a creative duo in the last decade. We wish we could be there to see it in person.

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