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June 24, 2007

Despite some A/V difficulties, Pecha Kucha’s 3 went off from the top floor of the new CEC Tower near the north east 3rd ring road. Interesting location with a nice wall of windows and multi-colored lighting scheme provided by the giant sign attached to the building.

Shu and I said a few words about our Dead Animals project, then grabbed a few beers and took in the rest of the presentations. Highlights included a look at the structural planning of the CCTV tower given by Chas Pope of ARUP, and the surprise addition of Casey Mack to the lineup. Casey – so good to have you in Beijing!

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Pecha Kucha 3

June 18, 2007

Beijing’s 3rd installment of Pecha Kucha rolls into town Saturday, June 23 at 8pm. Shu and I will be speaking at the event and showing some images from our new book, Dead Animals (we’ll have some pics of the book up soon!).

LOCATION: CEC building, No. 9 Xiaguangli, Chaoyang District
DATE: Saturday, June 23rd
TIME: 8pm.

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More Xian

June 8, 2007

Why Xian isn’t known more for its nightlife, I have no idea.

The first stop on our party tour was a place called “One Plus One,” fondly described by the guidebook as a place with “hot music” and “cheap drinks.” The better part of me wanted to turn back after I was confronted with a metal detector and a pre-pubscent guard holding a night stick at the door. I pressed on, however, and was rewarded, well, handsomely.

Fantastic light-up platform covered with still-sober punters.

Fantastic light-up platform covered with now drunk punters.

After the waiter informed us that we could only sit at a table if we ordered 300 RMB worth of beers (that’s about 18 bottles), we headed to Xian’s very own bar street. Settling into an American-themed bar called Danny’s with walls plastered with Harley Davidson posters and pictures of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, we realized that the real draw of the place was a fantastic keyboardist and vocalist. The latter was a local celebrity while the former, I was told, was one of the top 10 finalists for China’s Super Boy contest. What luck!? The keyboardist offered to play a song out of his notebook for us to sing along to, but we declined when we realized they were all Chinese songs and Michael Jackson was nowhere to be found.

Salsa turned out to be a megaclub that would rival anything, anywhere, completely packed for a Monday night and offering lethal mixes of Sprite and whiskey from giant carafes. I was told by a seasoned dancer that Salsa was the best place to go to in Xian, not just for music but for inspiration.

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Hao Pengyou

June 5, 2007

At the edge of Beijing’s old driven-in theater is a little club called 2 Kolegas. Nothing fancy, but they regularly book some of the best local musicians – like PK 14. Always a welcome sound in the Gray City.

Finished the night off at the unfortunately named China Doll. Yeah, they have lights. Yeah, they have techno. What?

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Mei cuo

May 13, 2007

I’ve got to give props to Nike for not doing anything half-assed. The finals of the Jiumen 3v3 basketball tournament took place last night inside the Forbidden City. I don’t know what kind of strings you have to pull or who you have to pay off to make this kind of thing happen, but it certainly makes an impression. They even had a giant Nike logo emblazoned on the roof of the nearby palace – the Great Helmsman is no doubt turning in his climate-controlled glass display case.

Anyway, the guys at DMG did a damn fine job pulling this thing together. I spent a few days at their office helping out with the graphics for the event and from what I could tell, they’ve got a young crew who work hard and do it up profesh.

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May 8, 2007

Wrangle up a little sponsorship, and watch the numbers soar…

Pecha Kucha, the rapid-fire lecture series founded in Japan and now franchised around the globe, made its second appearance in Beijing in April. With a little PR help from Nike and the use of the corporation’s gargantuan space inside factory 706, the event turned out to be the event of the week, pulling in more than 500 art/architecture/culture enthusiasts. Maybe it free beer and door prizes, I don’t know, but whatever the case, people turned out. And they were rewarded with some interesting displays from local designers, architects and artists. But, um, what was up with the giant glow ball?

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Mando-pop star

December 20, 2006

Seriously. Chen Li’s got some pipes. And some really endearing bandmates.

Lincoln seems to like it.

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Wang Lei

December 10, 2006

It’s a crime that more people didn’t show up for Wang Lei’s performance at Yu Gong Yi Shan this weekend. The man has got style. And it shows in his music.

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No Cotton Candy

July 16, 2006

When Simon told me that there was a fair going on this weekend out in the Shijingshan District on the far west side of the city, I knew I’d better bring my camera. After a 45 minute ride on the the AC-free subway to Babaoshan we were all a bit hot and hungry. To my dismay, there were no funnelcakes, no hot roasted nuts, no heaping pink wigs of cotton candy awaiting us on arrival. In fact, more food options are available on most back streets of Beijing than were on display at the fair.

A lack of nourishment could not abate my excitement for the spectacle of a fair. A lack of people, however, really changes the tone of a fair. The whole point of a fair is to bring people together, to form a kind of temporary community of revelry and joy. When there are no people, the air is completely different. Still beautiful, in a way, but much more somber – a bit sad and slightly creepy.

Simon and Sherri have this one all to themselves.

It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but a crispy chicken sandwich at the local KFC finally took care of the hunger issue.

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May 20, 2006

Jon Santos is in town to dj the opening of iD magazine’s 25th Anniversary exhibit at the Long March Space in Dashanzi. We met up prior to the event to discuss New York, Beijing, friends, self-enrichment, soccer and pollution. Along the way we caught a bit of the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square. It’s great to see friends from home here in BJ…

Outside the Forbidden City.

iD opening in 798 art district

Johannes, Charlie, Jon and Shu

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