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Boomtown Beijing

July 3, 2008

A new documentary about the hopes and fears of Beijingers just before the Olympics. Looks like some great insight into how the average Chinese citizen feels about the upcoming festivities.

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Salon in Beijing

May 27, 2008

Andre is hosting the 20th (!) Salon at his apartment this week and it looks like it will be an interesting one, with a Hollywood writer/director as the guest lecturer.

This week Thursday, May 29th, 9pm.

Join Sam Auster, a Writer/Producer/Director from Los Angeles California for a shocking confessional, a lurid tell-all and a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness that is the development process for an independent feature film in today’s Hollywood snake pit. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer.


The salon is a trading place for knowledge, information and opinion. People who are having a special interest in any field of art or science, music or what ever and who are interested in sharing their passion with others are invited to talk. All others are invited to listen and discuss…

BY: Andre Schmidt, 13718590833
LOCATION: China Central Place, 6-1502, Jian Guo Lu 89, Chao Yang district, Beijing
TIME: 9pm.
DRINKS: sure, sometimes snacks as well

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Beautiful Prenzlauer Berg

April 5, 2008

We’ve been staying temporarily in an apartment in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood in Berlin. Touted as one of the more “creative” and forward-thinking neighborhoods in the city, I’m doing my best to take it all in.

Upstairs, someone practices the piano from 1 – 2pm every day. It sounds pretty nice. Across the way is a giant corrugated steel structure. Either a modern office or a disused storage unit. Taken on its own, it would be extremely unsightly. Nestled amongst these old East German apartment blocks, it blends in quite well. Trees of every kind spread out in a phalanx in the back, sharing space with plastic recycling bins and other refuse containers. There is a different repository for each piece of trash here. We discovered this last time when some locals glared at us for throwing a bag of garbage into a bin on the street. Our walls are off-white, a thick lacquer of paint with multiple layers visible underneath. We wonder about the history of this place, who lived here before us. Unlike in Beijing, Berlin apartments are not brand new and you can never expect to be the first tenant. The apartment smells like boiled food and damp sweaters. Acrid and comforting at the same time. Dogs bark constantly and, at about 3am, a stampede of partygoers flies up the stairs and into bed.

An insightful and painfully skeptical article about Prenzlauer Berg on sign and sight today.

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