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Lui Zhai Shifu

Published on April 9, 2007

When visitors are in town, we’re often called upon to introduce them to some authentic local cuisine. I’ve decided that my favorite place for such an introduction is Liu Zhai Shifu, a small family-run restaurant just north of Meishuguan (the National Art Museum of China). So when Andre told us his friend Kumi would be in town, we lined up a reservation.

The courtyard setting is a bit rough around the edges, but the homestyle dishes are delicious. They’ve got typical Beijing duck on the menu, but also feature some harder-to-come-by fare like ma doufu – a grayish, pungent mash of fermented tofu, topped with a bit of chili oil. The rolled eggplant, vinegar-cooked flounder, and lamb, onion and cilantro skillet are all worth checking out.

(located at 8 Jiangjiadayuan Hutong off of Meishuguan Dong Dajie; +8610 64005912)

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