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Salon #10: The Dazhalan Project

Published on March 26, 2007

Andre hosted his tenth salon this week, and did so not once, but thrice. The event featured the China premiere of Ou Ning and Cao Fei’s documentary film Meshi Street, which tells the story of a resident of one of Beijing’s old “slum” neighborhoods as he attempts to fight the impending destruction of his home. It’s something of a foregone conclusion that he will fail (one man and his private concerns doesn’t stand much of a chance against the bureaucratic mechanisms of the city works department), but the film does a good job of sharpening the issues around resident displacement and just compensation that strike at many old Beijingers.

The event also marked the kick-off of this year’s Get It Louder festival. The 2007 program will feature a couple dozen satellite event spaces, such as Andre’s home show.

Ou Ning discussing his work.

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