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Back fom Seoul.

Published on February 22, 2007

It’s nice to go to other Asian megacities because you can start to see the similarities and distinct differences between them. Seoul is about an hour and a half away by airplane, but it feels entirely different from Beijing. Unlike in China, there were no New Year’s fireworks, though the Lunar holiday was celebrated by all. We spent four days wandering the streets, meeting up with old friends and making some new ones, and drinking more liquor than we thought possible.

A “Burberry” branded scooter in Hongdae. Seems legit.

Street food featuring a choice of fried meat and vegetables mixed with a spicy red sauce and white rice noodle cylinders.

SPAM is so popular that it comes in gift packs.

Met up with Emil Goh, who took us to some amazing restaurants and a lovely bar where we found some more former-New Yorkers.

Dinner wit Boram.

The highlight, however, was having our flight delayed by bad weather for 7 hours! The airline was nice enough to house us in a hotel for a few hours while we waited for our flight.

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