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No Cotton Candy

Published on July 16, 2006

When Simon told me that there was a fair going on this weekend out in the Shijingshan District on the far west side of the city, I knew I’d better bring my camera. After a 45 minute ride on the the AC-free subway to Babaoshan we were all a bit hot and hungry. To my dismay, there were no funnelcakes, no hot roasted nuts, no heaping pink wigs of cotton candy awaiting us on arrival. In fact, more food options are available on most back streets of Beijing than were on display at the fair.

A lack of nourishment could not abate my excitement for the spectacle of a fair. A lack of people, however, really changes the tone of a fair. The whole point of a fair is to bring people together, to form a kind of temporary community of revelry and joy. When there are no people, the air is completely different. Still beautiful, in a way, but much more somber – a bit sad and slightly creepy.

Simon and Sherri have this one all to themselves.

It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but a crispy chicken sandwich at the local KFC finally took care of the hunger issue.

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