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Thai Park

Published on September 1, 2008

A couple of months ago we discovered Little Saigon on Herzbergstrasse and yesterday we had the amazing good fortune of stumbling on “Thai Park” inside of Preußenpark – a gathering place for Thai people from all over Berlin. The setup was completely makeshift, with vendors rolling their suitcases over the grass until an appropriate spot was found. From there, fresh fish, vegetables, spices and other meats were set out onto woven mats and then either dropped into woks full of boiling oil or ground up mortar and pestle-style. Fantastic.

We couldn’t take too many photos, but Pash managed to sneak this one in. The woman in the photo is making papaya salad with chili and lime. To her left is a basket filled with live blue crabs that are delicately torn apart and dropped into the bowl to be ground down into crab dust.

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