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Sammlung Hoffmann

Published on July 13, 2008

The Sammlung Hoffmann features work from the private collection of Erika and Rolf Hoffmann. Textile magnates, the Hoffmanns began collecting artwork in the late 60’s and grew their diverse collection over the next 40 years. Every Saturday, Erika Hoffmann opens the doors of her Berlin apartment to private tours, allowing groups access to her home and to the collection. She changes the selection of works every July, so viewers have the opportunity to see something different every year. Images courtesy of Sammlung Hoffmann.

Since it’s a private collection housed in the owners’ apartment, visitors must wear felt slippers during the tour.

Erika Hoffmann changes the artworks and rearranges the furniture in her apartment.

A view of the main living room, with a large Frank Stella piece on the far wall.

Sculptures by Francois Morellet.

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