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Salon in Beijing

Published on May 27, 2008

Andre is hosting the 20th (!) Salon at his apartment this week and it looks like it will be an interesting one, with a Hollywood writer/director as the guest lecturer.

This week Thursday, May 29th, 9pm.

Join Sam Auster, a Writer/Producer/Director from Los Angeles California for a shocking confessional, a lurid tell-all and a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness that is the development process for an independent feature film in today’s Hollywood snake pit. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer.


The salon is a trading place for knowledge, information and opinion. People who are having a special interest in any field of art or science, music or what ever and who are interested in sharing their passion with others are invited to talk. All others are invited to listen and discuss…

BY: Andre Schmidt, 13718590833
LOCATION: China Central Place, 6-1502, Jian Guo Lu 89, Chao Yang district, Beijing
TIME: 9pm.
DRINKS: sure, sometimes snacks as well

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  1. Liz Lee says:

    Hi. I just found your website and have been enjoying going through it to get a good overview of the Beijing art scene. Because you seem to be very familiar with the art scene etc., I am wondering if you can recommend anyone in Beijing that transports and hangs artwork? Thanks!

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