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Published on May 21, 2008

Shane Waltener, one of the artists from our book By Hand, is involved in the GNAM – Gastronomia nell’arte moderna (Gastronomy in Modern Art) project. Funded by the European Union, the aim of the project is to “promote inter-cultural dialogue through trans-national circulation of art works and cultural products.” Translation, art will bring us together! This year’s theme is food, and it looks like Shane’s project involves edible art.

Sweet Graffiti
Performance by Shane Waltener

Teatro al Parco
3.30 pm

The British artist Shane Waltener makes sweet graffiti using sugar, sweets and confectionery in general which, decorated and shaped, can be fixed anywhere using a sugar glaze or icing. Using these particular technique, all the little artists that are taking part in the performance can decorate walls and communicate all sorts of messages, and even calm and placate their parent’s bad moods. The graffiti can then simply be removed and eaten!

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