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Tourist-friendly Quanzhou

Published on February 6, 2008

The coldest weather in 50 years hit China this year, making a normally crowded beach look like something post-Apocalyptic.

Nice to see the balloon shooting game is still available on the deserted beach.

We had an all-seafood lunch with some of my uncle’s friends and they insisted that we drink this very healthful liquor. When I asked what part of the body it was good for, they simply said “the women’s and men’s parts.” We had several shots before it was revealed that the secret ingredient came from bears’ gallbladder. Please forgive us.

The Luoyang Bridge, oldest stone bridge in China.

Kids setting off fireworks in the dry riverbed next to the bridge.

This is my reclusive uncle who teaches at the Quanzhou Overseas University. He gave us peanuts and showed us his latest drawings.

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