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798 in winter

Published on January 20, 2008

It’s freezing here, but we managed to head out to 798 to have a look at some art. First stop, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects for a group show.

The highlight of the show were these massive rolling characters. The second character is “person.” I don’t know what the first one says, but I liked the idea of movable characters.

Joe contemplating some nudes.

Galleries popping up all over the place. Old ones go and new ones take their place so seamlessly here. We noticed that they kept the tree intact and built around it.

An interesting self-portrait by the artist Xia Xiaowan, using transparent glass panels placed one behind the other to produce a three dimensional effect. Slightly morbid.

Michelangelo Pistoletto installation at Galleria Continua involving reams of corrugated cardboard and a mirrored box at the end of the maze.

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