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Tuzki, the magic bunny

Published on January 19, 2008

Our latest project at work centers around a white bunny called Tuzki. He’s an animated Chinese superstarwho shows up mostly in msn chat emoticons. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Tuzki plush head for some office good times.

Dave as Tuzki

Rabbit in profile.

Girl Tuzki

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  1. Beatriz says:

    Omg!! o.o .. I LOVE TUZKI SOO MUCH ! o.o .. I love ur head !! O.O

  2. ¿Nombre? No lo sé says:

    Te odio tusky

  3. ¿Nombre? No lo sé says:

    Odio amarte señor tusky.

  4. Norco6.3 says:

    OMG ! Tuzki Bunnies rock man, so amusing love it,.. we need more Merchandice like, even over here in Scotland its got a HUGE following !

    Keep it up and lets hear it for the Tuzki Bunnies!!!


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