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Pinguo Xiao Qu

Published on November 26, 2007

I’m not really too savvy when it comes to real estate speculation, but if I had some cash for a down payment, I might consider buying a place in Beijing’s Pinguo apartment complex. The apartments themselves offer 15 foot high ceilings and proximity to the city’s Central Business District. What makes the location interesting, however, is the push to turn the neighborhood into a mix of art and retail space. The Today Art Museum has been on site for more than a year now, but the real indication that this mixed use plan may take off is smattering of window banners that can be seen on the several of the 200 or so yet-to-be-completed commercial spaces. Agnes B., Adidas, Beijing-Tokyo Art Projects and the Saatchi Gallery are listed as soon-to-be tenants. Several restaurants, a cafe and a bookstore have also moved in. Looks promising.

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