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Suzhou Contemporary

Published on November 19, 2007

Set to open in mid-2008, the Contemporary Art Museum of Suzhou will offer close to 30,000sqm of gallery space. Programming for the space is still in development, which is why we hopped on an overnight train from Beijing to meet the museum’s founder and director this weekend. After touring the construction site, I was impressed. Sited in an industrial park outside of Suzhou’s old city center, this project has a lot of potential. Towering exhibition spaces are well suited for monumental exhibitions. A large Serra could be comfortably installed within one of the main exhibition rooms, while the large central pit would serve as ideal hosts to an Olafur Eliasson installation. On site artist studios and living quarters are also generous, and look to promote the space as a destination for visiting international artists. Excited to see how it all turns out.

Schutze and Jo Jo on the train.

Museum owner, Mr. Chen, and director, Mr. Xue.

Checking out the recycled gray brick used for the building’s facade.

An exhibition room.

Studio space.

Top floor studio.

View from the roof.

The surrounding village.

Had time to stop by the Shanghai Art Fair as well, but would have done well to pass. It was a big disappointment after September’s well staged Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. The gimmick of the moment appeared to be classical sculpture rendered in a warped perspective, a technique employed by at least 3 artists on display.

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