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Art Forum Berlin

Published on October 8, 2007

Early reports figured on this year’s Art Forum Berlin being the most widely-attended art fair yet staged in Berlin, and judging by the crowd on hand during its third day of operation, they may have been right.

After a few hours surveying, Shu and I noticed several common themes among the crop of artists on display. All stem from what might be called an aesthetics of the mundane – everyday objects and processes stripped of their utility and presented for contemplation. Not simply readymades, most examples have been reworked or “enhanced” in some way – a mahogany shipping pallet coated in gleaming shellac, or a partially opened shipping crate whose polystyrene packing peanuts gently pulse, evoking some gestating alien art form, for example.

Also among the works on display were no less than three examples of carpet art. Whether cut and laid within an abstract aluminum polygon, or pulled from the floor of an old apartment replete with the stench of cigarettes and piss, the carpet works were not pieces I’d want to have to transport.

One of my favorite pieces in the show was a triptych of public benches overlooking the sea by Götz Diergarten. Formally stark, yet sentimental in a way that I appreciate.

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