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Published on August 28, 2007

So great to be back in and around New York. Spent some time with the family in NJ. BBQed on the back porch and then gazed at the stars. Kayaked on the lake. Picked tomatoes and basil from the garden.

Then a few days in NYC. Time was so short and densely packed that I best remember it by the meal that accompanied each event: Pre-baby brunch with Mark and Ayana. A Malaysian affair with Marshall and Andy. Reunion tour at Max Fish following the annual guitar-solo battle at Anthology. Morning muffins and pastries at Christian & Cynthia’s. Buttery beef sandwiches with Jeff. Perfect birthday dinner for Cynthia at Marlow & Sons. Some delightful olives and conversation with Rob & Charles. Farewell drinks for Nick (see you in Shanghai!). Fried chicken with John & Jiae. Banh mi with Carol & Humberto. I wish there had been time to share a few more meals…

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