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Inner Mongolia

Published on July 22, 2007

Spent the weekend in the Huitengxile region of Inner Mongolia. The flight from Beijing to Hohhot takes only an hour, but getting to the grasslands takes much longer. About 3 hours longer. The distance isn’t that great – it’s the condition of the roads (and, at times, lack of roads) that accounts for much of the travel time.

Key item: Niu Zai (Cowboy) tote bag

Hohhot, like all Chinese cities, seems to be undergoing a bit of a building boom. Hence, massive piles of rubble.

Pet pig.

I’m fond of the matching yellow scarves.

Even the kids on Hohhot are rockin their BAPE wear.

Make-shift chair with panda padding.


We slept in these concrete yurts that some enterprising fellow built in the middle of nowhere so that travelers to the region can simulate the experience of nomadic living without suffering the inconvenience of waterless, windowless, non-wind-resistant accommodations. Which isn’t to say that a concrete slab with a cold water sink is lux living.


This 70-year-old rides his horses 20 li (about 1.5km per li) each day to the yurt site to rent them out to tourists.

Local food: Millet and sweet milk curd.

A bathroom made of styrofoam.

Back to Beijing.

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  1. Jing says:

    beautiful grasslands?
    They look like my hometown.

  2. Jing says:

    Beautiful grasslands?
    They look like my hometown.
    You must love travelling very much.

  3. charlesfrith says:

    These are great shots. I don’t think I’ve seen a grass horizon before.

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