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Petit Tour

Published on July 2, 2007

Somewhat bummed that we won’t be out in Europe this summer to catch a glimpse of the Grand Tour, so to assuage my sadness, Shu and I took a mini tour through Beijing’s rapidly expanding art districts this weekend. Started out in what is now considered Beijing’s somewhat over-the-hill granddaddy of art centers, the 798 district. Several spaces were in between shows, which meant we had time to linger at my new favorite place for iced coffee – the Mooi Cafe. Mooi features what is undoubtedly Beijing’s best selection of vintage mid-century furniture in its front showroom. Walk through the showroom to the whitewashed courtyard in the back, and you’ll be treated to an unexpected bit of respite amidst the unflagging bustle of Beijing. Be sure to try Shannon’s iced latte – perfect.

Of the ongoing exhibitions in the area, Art Lab’s No Where exhibition stood out for its selection of new media/technology-based art – a welcome anomaly in the local art scene. Chicago artist Joseph Kohnke left me wanting more of his clever simulations of organic processes through mechanical means. Potato chip bags that breathe. Baby spoons that mark the passage of time. Great stuff.

Spoon Fed, 2003 (Gerber baby spoons, motors and metal)

Life Support, 2001 (Chip bags, compressor, metal, tubes)

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