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Published on May 10, 2007

Working for a multinational ad agency has its perks (especially for those who don’t actually work for one, but who have a significant other who does). The Spikes ad awards took place in Bali this year, which meant that Shu would be heading down to sit in on a few lectures, ceremonies and dinners. I went along too, but my schedule was filled mostly with catching up on some reading while sipping fruity drinks on the beach. Some additional highlights:
– The homemade honey-melon jam laced with vanilla bean at the Laguna.
– The cliff-side “infinity pool” at the Ritz-Carlton overlooking glassy 6 foot beachbreaks.
– Monkeys trained to steal cameras, glasses and even the sandals off your feet. Articles could be reclaimed by paying around 50,000 rupiah ($6) per item to an enterprising local at whose feet your items would be deposited by said monkeys.

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