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Jordan Wolfson

June 4, 2009

Congrats to Jordan on picking up the 09 Frieze Cartier Award.

Jordan Wolfson, Untitled, 2007

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Just Intonation vs. Equal Temperament

Kind of a follow up to the previous post. Interesting visualization of the difference between equally tempered tuning (standard) and just intonation.

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La Monte Young – The Well Tuned Piano

I’m amazed at how difficult it remains to find recordings by La Monte Young. Some bits on youtube though. Here, the first 10 minutes of The Well Tuned Piano with an unfortunately abrupt ending. And please find something else to look at if you’re listening.

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Out of Context

June 1, 2009

Jonathan Monk, This painting should ideally be hung opposite a John Baldessari, 2004

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Jan Kempenaers

Kempenaers’ photo series Spomenik, The End of History has popped up on several sites in the past few days, but I’m gonna post them again. Because they’re captivating. The monuments depicted are Yugoslavian socialist-futurist memorials, most employing cast-concrete and a good number of them in a state of advanced disrepair.

Spomenik 2, 2006

Spomenik 5, 2007

Spomenik 6, 2007

Spomenik 9, 2007

Spomenik 10, 2007

Spomenik 12, 2007

Spomenik 13 2007

Spomenik 14, 2007

Spomenik 15, 2007

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