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August 23, 2009

Isabel updated her portfolio.

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Burger Month

July 30, 2009

Everyone’s talking burgers. New York Magazine recently published its list of the city’s best burgers. Saveur’s “burger bible” issue just reached my mailbox. And our local, Portland Monthly has a new round up of the best PDX burgers as well as an online feature challenging three of Portland’s most well-respected chefs to a burger throwdown. Naomi Pomeroy’s chanterelle and brewleggio-topped Highland Oak burger sounds like a winner to me.

Photo: David Reamer for Portland Monthly


Best of Bruni

July 29, 2009

NY Times head food critic Frank Bruni is on his way out. Eater reminisces by pointing to Bruni’s 21 zero-star reviews, many of which brandish some finely crafted and often hilarious take downs. His battle with Ninja is priceless.

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June 30, 2009

The New York Times’ coverage of Portland’s food scene continues. This time, it’s glazed doughnut burgers.

Photo: The Original

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June 29, 2009

Created for the elevator ride in the Standard Hotel in New York, Civilization depicts a journey from heaven to hell. Using stock and found footage, Marco Brambilla pieced together an epic and immersive dreamscape (which includes Michael Jackson dancing in the “heaven” area).

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Blind Carbon Copy

June 10, 2009

Jon and Andrew’s new show in NYC features some amazing artists and artworks. From the press release:

Common Space presents a 5 day group exhibition with artists Andrew Kuo,Sebastian Kim, Jon Santos, Milano Chow, Deanne Cheuk, Saiman Chow,Masayo Kishi, Yuh-Shioh Wong, and Confetti System.

Location: 179 Canal Street, 2nd FloorHours: Noon- 6pm“Blind Carbon Copy” is a sly appropriation of a day’s corporate drama. Narrativeaction item: Global media conglomerate headquartered in New York Citycommissions program bringing to the table ethnic diversity. Visionary programshall jam the culture inbox, host panel discussions, culminate with cutting edgeart exhibition in midtown corporate lobby. Month of June: the Asians. Globalconglomerate enlists core competency to brain dump Asian American artists tohang their art in beige hallways of media triumphalism. Eleventh and a half hourdivision head issues the disintermediate: Shut it down.

At the end of the day refers to what happened during the day – what got dealt,what got salvaged, what got tossed out. At the end of the day, “Blind CarbonCopy” re- shuffles the deck to communicate an elliptical difference, even as thatdifference opposes clear definable equalities. The featured works vary fromfashion photography to drawing, sculpture, graphic art and video. Much of theseartists works deploy a detachment of assimilative meaning. Genres of ethnicity, commercial, fine art start to slope from fulfillment ofdistinction to interrelations, intricacies and contradictions of meaning, a ghostwithout a host gliding past various check points of identity.

Exhibition hosted by Margaret Lee.
Organized by Common Space.

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A short trip to NYC

May 11, 2009

Managed to get in a little art watching in while I was there.

Tom Friedman, Untitled.

Stopped in my tracks by Jonathan Monk’s Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before.

Andrea Zittel, sfnwvlei (something for nothing with very little effort involved).

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Beard Awards

March 23, 2009

Nominees for the 2009 James Beard Awards were announced today. Happy to see Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune on the list, as well as a couple of nods to Portland: Cathy Whims of Nostrana and Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon. And Totonno’s gets a well-deserved, post-fire shout for the America’s Classics award.

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We Live In Public

March 18, 2009

Josh Harris: the greatest internet pioneer you’ve never heard of? Well, not if you opened an issue of Fast Company or Silicon Alley Reporter any time around the fin de siecle. Looks like it’s time to relive the memories…

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Joe Blow’s Story

March 11, 2009

powerHouse hosts a panel discussion on the battle between the Bronx Vandal Squad and graffiti writers over the past two decades. March 19, 7-9p, 37 Main St. Brooklyn

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