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Platform Seoul

August 28, 2009

Emil is in an art show in Seoul.

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OC Tokyo

August 27, 2009

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Second Shift

August 23, 2009

A show, featuring Walter

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Isabel updated her portfolio.

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Blind Carbon Copy

June 10, 2009

Jon and Andrew’s new show in NYC features some amazing artists and artworks. From the press release:

Common Space presents a 5 day group exhibition with artists Andrew Kuo,Sebastian Kim, Jon Santos, Milano Chow, Deanne Cheuk, Saiman Chow,Masayo Kishi, Yuh-Shioh Wong, and Confetti System.

Location: 179 Canal Street, 2nd FloorHours: Noon- 6pm“Blind Carbon Copy” is a sly appropriation of a day’s corporate drama. Narrativeaction item: Global media conglomerate headquartered in New York Citycommissions program bringing to the table ethnic diversity. Visionary programshall jam the culture inbox, host panel discussions, culminate with cutting edgeart exhibition in midtown corporate lobby. Month of June: the Asians. Globalconglomerate enlists core competency to brain dump Asian American artists tohang their art in beige hallways of media triumphalism. Eleventh and a half hourdivision head issues the disintermediate: Shut it down.

At the end of the day refers to what happened during the day – what got dealt,what got salvaged, what got tossed out. At the end of the day, “Blind CarbonCopy” re- shuffles the deck to communicate an elliptical difference, even as thatdifference opposes clear definable equalities. The featured works vary fromfashion photography to drawing, sculpture, graphic art and video. Much of theseartists works deploy a detachment of assimilative meaning. Genres of ethnicity, commercial, fine art start to slope from fulfillment ofdistinction to interrelations, intricacies and contradictions of meaning, a ghostwithout a host gliding past various check points of identity.

Exhibition hosted by Margaret Lee.
Organized by Common Space.

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Kuo Plays Jeezy

May 26, 2009

The invitation for his closing party is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I think it’s great that he had an opening and a closing.

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One Year Later

May 12, 2009

Luke made this video about musician Abigail Washburn, who travels back to Sichuan a year after the earthquake to make music with the local kids:

In May 2008 an earthquake devastated Sichuan province in China, killing tens of thousands and leaving millions homeless. To commemorate the one year anniversary of this tragedy, musicians Abigail Washburn and Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project traveled to Sichuan to make music with children who survived the earthquake and their parents. Using folk songs sung by the children as well as sounds of their parents rebuilding their houses with bricks and mortar, Abby and Dave created a unique musical soundscape, and this video shows how the whole process unfolded in March, 2009.

Chinese version.
Official website for After Quake Music.

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Black Market Type

May 11, 2009

Our friend Scott Ponik helped organize this show at PNCA. By organize, we mean he helped produce the graphics, design all of the communication and act as the gracious host for visitors who walked into the gallery. Curated by Joseph del Pasco, the Black Market Type & Print Shop features 30 fonts composed of the hand-lettering of prominent artists. Visitors are able to wander to the back room and create posters of their own using any of the fonts.

Artist types included in the project: John Baldessari, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mel Bochner, R. Crumb, John Cage, Henry Darger, Julie Doucet, Jimmie Durham, Marcel Dzama, Tracey Emin, General Idea, Thomas Hirschhorn, Chris Johanson, Jasper Johns, Ray Johnson, Mike Kelley, Margaret Kilgallen, Kathe Kollwitz, Annette Messanger, Duane Michals, Chris Ofili, Laura Owens, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Adrian Piper, William Pope.L, Richard Prince, Ad Reinhardt, Dieter Roth, David Shrigley.

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Mind the Gap

Jesse’s fledgling gallery, Ditch Projects, is located in a decommissioned “gear house” in Eugene, Oregon. It sits comfortably above a canal and faces a giant hangar that was once used for logging shipping and receiving. We headed down I-5 to have a look at a new show that Ken curated, entitled Touched By Mystics.

A canal on the way to the gallery.

The old hangar across the way.

View from the other side of the bridge.

Interior of the gallery with the giant sliding door that opens out onto a deck overlooking the canal.

Looking down.

A video piece by Shana Moulton.

The sign.

There were 4 Toyota vans of the same model parked nearby. Strange.

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Artist Direct

NY Mag features an article and slideshow about artists’ whose galleries have closed. Instead of paying a commission to the gallery now, patrons can buy directly from the artist. Not surprisingly, Mariah was one of the featured artists, with her complex, abstractions of light going for $800 to $2500.

Kitchenlight, 2005

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